Even the stars burn, darling. Greet darkness like a friend and let the stars stack inside you until your bones bleed into the milky way.
“I don’t know how to keep you.
I don’t know how to let you go.”

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“There will be no one unless that someone is you.”

 —Billie Holiday, from Love Me Or Leave Me

“…I loved you.
And I love you now.”

 —Franz Wright, from Old Story

The Breakup Tattoo


The first month my ex kisses another woman, full of tongue in plain sight,

I get the first tattoo. In the days when the tooth fairy was still real,

I collected eye teeth from shark museum gift shops

and strung them from my windowsill like a windchime.

They sang in the night like piano keys.

Today, the only other mouth that serenades me

is my own and the fresh wound on my skin

where the tattoo artist put the ink in.

The second month he goes to bed with her for the first time,

I fill in my left sleeve with dragons and tongues of fire.

Now, every night when I sleep alone while he’s in someone else’s arms,

my own are lit up with flame,

reminding me how the absence of love hurts like the needle

but eventually the wound heals and the design takes over.

The third month he gives her the ring that was meant for me,

I visit the tattoo salon again.

If we weren’t able to be permanent,

at least now I have something that will.

And tonight I sleep soundly for the first time in a long time,

all 32 of his teeth chiming softly outside my window.

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Between Dream and Life with @iamlubi and @iamfubi

To see more photos and videos from Lubi and Fubi’s colorful carioca life, follow @iamlubi and @iamfubi on Instagram.

Rio de Janeiro illustrator Luiza Bione’s (@iamlubi) portraits of herself as a colorful character named Lubi blur the line between daydreams and reality. Luiza has been documenting her life through colorful illustrations for as long as she can remember. As a small child she created a cartoon version of herself called Lubi and has been illustrating herself for the past 18 years. “Through illustration, even bad moments—like waking up with a bad hair day or sitting in traffic for hours—become funny. Drawing also makes virtually any scenario possible: if Lubi wants to visit the moon she can.” Luiza began using Instagram after her boyfriend Paulo Delvalle (@paulodelvalle) suggested it might be the perfect way to really bring Lubi to life, telling her story as if she were a real person. “Last year on Valentine’s day, Paulo made me a card asking me to be his girlfriend. He created an illustrated version of himself called Fubi, and that’s how (@iamfubi) was born. Since then, I’ve been drawing Lubi and Fubi based on our lives as well as all the things we dream of doing.”


Paper Plane Story

my recent film photography series featuring paper planes as props. folded seven of them, and my friend jed helped me put strings on them to attach to the stick we found on location.

this is definitely my favorite shoot on film by far. looking forward to shooting more for the next days to come!

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It’s all about time (by damonjah)

“Touch me without using your hands.”